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The original Pirate Radio line up
(March, 1989)
Scott Shannon 6-10 am
Whitney Allen 10 am-3 pm
Shadow Steele 3 pm-7 pm
Cadillac Jack 7 pm-midnight
Bubba the Love Sponge midnight-6 am

The weekend lineup for most of the first two years was:
Fast Bobby 1-6 am
Marv Knight, Raul Moreno or Steve Ringold 6-10 am
Jamie Osborn 10 am-3 pm
The Big Watusi 3-7 pm
Pirate Radio USA-Nationally Syndicated Show
7 pm-midnight
Fast Bobby midnight-6 am
Public Affairs w/Marv Knight 6-7 am
Count Down USA 7-11 am
w/Scott Shannon
Whitney Allen 11 am-3 pm
Cadillac Jack 3-7 pm
Batman Gomez 7 pm-midnight
Baltizar did fill-in

In April, 1991, the lineup was:
Jeff Davis 6-10 am
Suzie Cruz 10 am-3 pm
Jeff Jensen 3 pm-7 pm
Tawn Mastrey 7 pm-midnight
Mark Mendoza midnight-6 am

In June, 1992, the lineup was:
The Rude Boys 6-10 am
(Steven O. Sellers & Greg Stevens)
Jeff Davis 10 am-3 pm
Jeff Jensen 3-7 pm
Tawn Mastrey 7 pm-midnight
Mark Mendoza midnight-6 am

In October, 1992, the lineup was:
The Rude Boys 6-10 am
(Steven O. Sellers & Greg Stevens)
Jeff Davis 10 am-3 pm
Tawn Mastrey 3-7 pm
Mark Mendoza 7 pm-midnight
??? midnight-6 am

December, 1992-February, 1993, the lineup was:
The Rude Boys 6-10 am
(Steven O. Sellers & Greg Stevens)
Katie Manor 10 am-2 pm
Sid Presley 2-7 pm
Mark Mendoza 7 pm-midnight
??? midnight-6 am
Jeff Davis & Cyndee Maxwell did fill-in's

From mid February, 1992-the end of April,
Oz Medina took over 3-7 pm and Sid did 7 pm-midnight. Mark Mendoza did the overnight shift.

Other jock-ular information:

1990 & 1991
Went on to Hot 97 (WQHT-FM) New York in 1992
Then to Jam'n 94.5 in Boston

Batman Gomez
(Brian Shook)
Came from Z100 in Portland
Went to KKZN in Dallas until 1999
Now a stay at home dad!

(Ben Ziegler)
Weekends Last 3 months of
Pirate Radio's existance (1993)

Cadillac Jack
Came from WJHM Orlando
Went to evenings at WAVA in Washington, DC
then to Eagle 106 in Philly, and later
mornings at KGGI Riverside and then WLAN FM97 in Lancaster, PA
Later at WIOV in Lancaster, PA
Then WGGY in Scranton, PA
Now at WOGL in Philadelpia
See his web site at CadillacJackShow.com

Cyndee Maxwell
Mid day 1992-93
Worked at KIOZ (Rock 102 San Diego)
and went to KLOS in the summer of 1991
Went to R&R Magazine

Fast Bobby
(David Servantes)
Went to KPWR Power 106 until 1995
then to Palm Springs

Francis, The Talking Mule
(Francis Rose)
Did weekends and fill-ins in late 1990
Went on to WQRX. Now at WFED(2009)

Gary Poole
Gary was brought to the Pirate on December 15 to help PD Greg Stevens change the format from a "hair band" rock station to a more guitar based alternative station. Very few people were in the loop on this change and Gary was introduced as a part timer. He went on the air as Sid Presley. He did his first "fill-in" on the 16th.
Now at Island/Def Jam in NY

Greg Stevens
The other half of the Rude Boys became PD at KEGL in Dallas in Oct, 1997, taking the station from #15 to #3. In March, 2001, Clear Channel moved him to KSJO & KCNL in San Jose where he was PD until October, 2001. He's now at Channel 104.9 in the Bay Area.

Jamie Osborn
now at the Beasley Group in Las Vegas (KKLZ, Star, KJUL)(2002)

Jeff Jensen
Hosted the syndicated Pirate Radio USA in 1992
Came from WYNF in Tampa
Returned to Tampa after leaving The Pirate

Jerry J
December, 1990

Katie Manor
Came from 91X San Diego
Briefly on KROQ in 1990
No longer in radio

Knarly Charlie
Was in the enviable position of driving around L.A. in the Pirate Party Patrol van, giving away schwag!

Lora Gayle
Heard doing traffic on The Pirate in the summer of 1990

Mark Mendoza
aka The Big Watusi
Evening jock 1989-1993
Only jock to be on all four years!
Hired by Scott Shannon in '89
Came from KMGG
Went to KIIS-FM
Now does afternoons on
KNAC Live on the Net

Mark Miller
Summer 1992
Now part time at KLOS & has an active voice over business

Oz Medina
Came from 91X San Diego
Went to KROQ
His career spans Dallas, Austin, San Francisco, Seattle, Los Angeles, San Diego and Boulder, CO.
Did 12 years at KBCO in Boulder and then on to KCUV.
Oz returned to San Diego on July 28, 2008 and is doing afternoons at KPRI.

Randy Maranz
Came from KNAC, went to KLOS
Now at 104.1 KHHK The Hawk in Stockton/Modesto as APD and 6-10 pm jock

Scott Shannon
AKA Michael Scott Shannon
Weekday mornings Mar, 1989-Feb, 1991
Did the first two weeks on Pirate Radio as "Bubba the Love Sponge"
Came from WHTZ in NY
Now on WPLJ in NY

Shadow Steele
(Scott Wright)
Host and creator of Pirate Radio USA, the syndicated version of the station
Did the Pirate Radio April Fool's Day at KROQ in 1994
Shadow's bio provided by the man himself:
1973 - KBEQ Kansas City 10p-2a "Jeff Stevens"
1974 - U-100 Mpls./St. Paul 6-10p "Jeff Mother Robbins"
1975 - B-100 San Diego 6-10p "Rocket Man"
1976 - KROY Sacramento 6-10p "Jeff Mother Robbins"
1977-1980 - WIFI Philadelphia 2-6p/MD - "Jeff Robbins"
1983-1987 - Z-100 New York - 3-7p/Operations Manager - Shadow Stevens
1987-1989 - B-97 New Orleans/EZ Communications VP/Programming - Shadow Stevens
1989-1991 - Pirate Radio L.A. 3-7p/Operations Manager - Shadow Steele
1991-1993 - Epic Records - Sr. Director/Promotion - Shadow Steele
1993-1995 - B-97 New Orleans/EZ Communications VP/Programming - Scott Wright
1995-2001 - HITS Magazine L.A. - VP/Promotion - Shadow Steele
1999-Present Proprietor/Winemaker Scott Paul Wines California/Oregon
2001 - Present - General Manager - Domaine Drouhin Oregon

(Jimmy Steal) Only on the air for a month
Returned to Dallas after KQLZ
Now Program Director at Power 106 in L.A.

Steven O. Sellers
Part of the Rude Boys Morning Show 1992-1993 along with Greg Stevens
Came from KIOZ Rock 102 San Diego

Suzy Cruz
(Suzanne Ansilio)
Came from KLSX, went to KLOS (left KLOS in late spring, 2005)

Tawn Mastrey
Came from KNAC 105.5 Los Angeles (Pirate offered her three times the money, and offer she couldn't refuse)
Went to KLSX
On to 93X in Minneapolis
Then Sirius Satellite Radio Ch 23 in 2005
She passed away on October 2, 2007 of the effects of hepatitis C.
Tawn's web site www.TawnMastrey.com

(real name Ted Pritchard)
Previously "Engineer Ted" for the Mark & Brian Show (KLOS)
Went on to KNAC after KQLZ
Arrived at KQLZ in April, 1991
Now at KNAC.com

Uncle Wally
(Archer Dusablon)
May-Aug, 1989

Whitney Allen
Midday jock 1989-1991
Started at KATA in Eureka, CA
Moved on to San Diego
and the legendary KCBQ.
Then on to KS-103 and Q106 in San Diego before being hand picked by Scott Shannon for Pirate Radio.
Went to KIIS-FM in L.A. in 1991. Whitney has had her own syndicated show with Premier Radio Networks since 1995.

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