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August 25, 2023
Added a Contest Entry Form to the Promos Page

August 24, 2023
Added info about Lonn Friend on the Jocks page

April 14, 2023
Added a color photo of the original Pirate DJs, thanks to Cadillac Jack

April 13, 2023
Added a skimmer tape from July 4, 1990, thanks to Cadillac Jack on Facebook

February 14, 2023
Added a picture of a TicketMaster envelope with the Pirate Radio log inside (thanks ACiDRAiN97)

June 3, 2022
Added a Shannon in the Morning aircheck

March 3, 2022
Added a picture of the 1st birthday shirt - 365 Daze and Still Oinkin!

November 20, 2021
Added a link to some of the KQLZ music surveys on the Music page. Thanks Filippo!

June 30, 2021
Added airchecks of Whitney Allen, Cadillac Jack / Baltizar, and Batman Gomez

March 23, 2021
Added a picture of the backstage pass to the 1st Birthday Blowout to the pictures page

March 9, 2021
Added airchecks with Lonn Friend and Tawn Mastrey from 1992 and Suzie Cruz (1992)

January 27, 2021
Added an aircheck with Jeff Jensen from 1992 (courtesy Filippo)

December 28, 2020
Updated quite a bit of information on the Jocks page

December 17, 2020
Two new airchecks of Pirate Radio Underground with Tawn Mastrey from 1992

April 10, 2020
Added article about the sale of KQLZ to Viacom.
Added article about the February, 1991 format change.
Added a video of the Pirate's 1st birthday party.
Added a video of Scott Shannon live at the Paradise Beach Club.

February 16, 2020
Updated info on Suzy Cruz and Kimberly Valenzuela and added a photo of them

March 3, 2019
Six hours of Day 221, Year End Spectacular (12-22-1989) in Aircheks.

December 28, 2017
Added photos of the rare Pirate Radio "I Survived The Big One" tee shirt.

September 4, 2017
Added a photo of Vince Neil and Steve Stevens meeting the Pirate Radio Harley Girls.

January 5, 2017
Added a photo of a poster once stapled to a telephone pole (Promos page)

December 23, 2014
New Xmas 1989 aircheck added (Thanks Cadillac Jack!)

February 9, 2014
A Pirate Radio Bite Me hat found in Baltimore at a thrift shop! (see Pirate Radio history page 3)

December 25, 2013
A Christmas present sent by Cadillac Jack! A YouTube video of him defending heavy metal on KCAL-TV Los Angeles.

November 25, 2013
Two new airchecks from JROD!

August 8, 2013
Added a survey from RadioActive Magazine

August 4, 2013
Added more Billboard charts showing the top hits of the time on Pirate Radio (thanks Filippo!)
Added link to the July 14, 1989 Radio and Records (see History Page 2) (thanks Mark!)
Added a Smurfs skit, the last one played on the Pirate before being issued a cease and desist order (thanks Doug!)

June 28, 2013
Added an article from Billboard, Feb, 1991 about Scott Shannon's departure from The Pirate. (Page 3 of history)
Added three Billboard charts showing the top hits of the time on Pirate Radio

October 9, 2012
Added large collection of pictures from Patti Piech

August 21, 2012
Added background and history provided by Patti Piech (Behind The Scenes page)

August 16, 2012
Added an aircheck of Batman Gomez from 1989

August 11, 2012
Added an aircheck of Tawn Mastrey from Nov 22, 1992

June 10, 2012
Added new (but scarce) info about Patti Piech on the Staff page

May 5, 2012
Added a video of the Pirate Radio 1st Birthday Bash

April 30, 2012
Cadillac Jacke aircheck April, 1990

July 10, 2011
Shadow Steele aircheck Aug 15, 1990

May 26, 2011
Batman Gomez aircheck

Mar 14, 2011
Video from Pirate Radio's First Anniversary Party!

Jan 1, 2011
A New Year's present from Cadillac Jack! An aircheck of himself rocking Southern California Jan 2, 1990!

December 19, 2010
Added two more airchecks from the Bates collection

June 12, 2010
Added two more airchecks from the Bates collection

Apr 17, 2010
Added a Pirate Radio commercial (didn't make it to air)

Apr 3, 2010
Added another aircheck of Jamie Osbourn

Mar 26, 2010
Behind the scenes video with Cadillac Jack! On the Airchecks page...

Mar 5, 2010
Updated info on Smash

Mar 4, 2010
Updated info on Batman Gomez
Added Batman's perspective on Behind The Scenes

Feb 16, 2010
Added photo of Pirate Harley Girl Karen Rambat

Dec 4, 2009
Updated Chuck aMok bio
Added six pictures of Brandy Nappi, Pirate Harley Girl

Oct 9, 2009
Added a Shadow Steele aircheck from Fall, 1989

Oct 3, 2009
Added another list of music courtesy of Darryl (Music page)

Sept 17, 2009
Added the Pirate Radio Survey 1990 (pictures page)

July 14, 2009
Added picture of the Pirate Radio Collectors Edition CD

Apr 4, 2009
Added picture of Jani Lane wearing a Pirate Radio tee shirt

Mar 25, 2009
Updated info on Francis The Talking Mule (jocks page)

Mar 17, 2009
Added Jim Duncan to the Staff page. And a very big thank you to him for providing the KQLZ.com sweeper!
Also added the story about the original sweeper "The Mothership Has Landed" to the bottom of History page 1.

Mar 15, 2009
Added an interview with Shadow Steele originally broadcast on KQLZ.org on March 14, 2009
Added full three hour anniversary show originally broadcast on KQLZ.org on March 14, 2009

Mar 14, 2009
Added a picture of Layne Staley of Alice in Chains sporting a Pirate Radio shirt
And in honor of the Pirate's 20th birthday, we've put up the 1st hour as it was broadcast on March 17, 1989 at 5:00 am. We've put it up in blazing MP3 quality. Enjoy!

Nov 25, 2008
Added a Smurfs collage on the Airchecks page

Sept 30, 2008
Updated info on Randy Maranz

Sept 28, 2008
Added another Watusi aircheck from Bates.

July 27, 2008
Updated info on Oz Medina.
Added aircheck of Steven O. Sellers in 1993, when the station had been stripped of the Pirate moniker, and just before the sale.

July 20, 2008
Added more airchecks from Bates.

May 25, 2008
Wacky Iraqi Bootleg Tape - finally here! Thanks Terry Olsen!

Mar 8, 2008
The first of many new airchecks! Thanks Bates!

Feb 2, 2008
Five new pictures sent in by former Pirate Harley Girl, Brandi Nappi. Thanks Brandi!

Sept 21, 2007
Added four new liners to the Airchecks page, and a new Behind The Scenes piece from Brad Alan

July 14, 2007
Added aircheck from the Scott Shannon's last show

May 14, 2007
Updated info on Baltazar

April 12, 2007
Added the Smurfs Night Out sound file

July 23, 2006
Added picture of a Pirate Radio tank shirt

June 18, 2006
Updated info on Oz Medina (jocks page)

May 17, 2006
Added picture of a second generation Pirate Radio hat

May 17, 2006
Added picture of a second generation Pirate Radio hat

Apr 30, 2006
Added info on Tim Patterson & Bill Thomas

Apr 27, 2006
Added two 40+ minute airchecks of the Pirate Morning Show bits from early 1990. Thanks go out to Erran Tabakman!bak45 mShow>

Jan 2, 2006
Added some Scott Shannon pictures to the pictures page

Sept 7, 2005
Updated info on Cadillac Jack on Jock page

May 29, 2005
Added picture of the purple Pirate Radio Rocks t-shirt

Apr 2, 2005
Added five songs to the Playlist

Mar 21, 2005
Updated info on Brian Wilson

Jan 30, 2005
Updated info about Adam Goodman, Asst PD

Jan 23, 2005
Added picture of a black shirt with skull and guitars (thanks Craig!) and updated info on Tawn Mastrey (thanks Tawn!)

Dec 25, 2004
Added an airchecks of Scott Shannon, Shadow Steele, Whitney Allen, Jeff Davis and Katie Manor. AND a Pirate Radio USA demo!

Dec 12, 2004
Added a few songs to the list of music played on the Pirate.

Sept 24, 2004
Added Cadillac Jack's account of how he got the gig at Pirate (see Behind The Scenes)

Sept 4, 2004
Added images of the Pirate Xmas card
Added some camera ready artwork
Added a series of pictures from a listener party at Gladstone Restaurant, all courtesy of Alice Puente

July 9, 2004
Added images of the Pirate Radio Harley Girls & Westwood One shirts

February 23, 2004
Added picture of shirt with multi-colored Pirate logo (see History Page 3)

December 14, 2003
Added info about the original airstaffs (see Behind The Scenes) courtesy Steve Hoffman
Added Francis The Talking Mule's comments to Behind The Scenes

September 28, 2003
Added pictures of two Pirate Radio Rocks shirts (History page 3).

September 27, 2003
Added the first hour of Pirate Radio (unscoped) back to the Airchecks page.

August 27, 2003
Added update on Francis the Talking Mule (Jocks Page)
Added Behind The Scenes info on the April Fool's Joke of 1994

August 13, 2003
Updated Shadow Steele's info on Jocks page

August 10, 2003
Updated Cadillac Jack's current whereabouts

May 20, 2003
Added some additional info on the demise of KQLZ (see History, page 3)

May 3, 2003
Added five more liners, a commerical for The Knack in concert, and a tribute to the troops in Iraq

April 21, 2003
Added the following liners: 'Attn K-mart shoppers,' 'What the hell is this' and 'Too late now' (courtesy of aircheck provided by Cadillac Jack)

March 3, 2003
Added aircheck from Fall, 1989

January 1, 2003
Scott Shannon's real name exposed! See Staff page.

December 31, 2002
Added a picture of the Pirate Radio Lonn Friend tee shirt
(History Page 3)

November 30, 2002
Added a picture of the Pirate Radio peechee folder
(Promos section)

November 9, 2002
Added a ten page fax promo for Pirate Radio USA
Courtesy Dave Michaels

July 5, 2002
Added "Bang on Hussein" audio clip

June 12, 2002
Added picture of the Pirate Party Pig keychain
Updated info on Alice Puente

May 27, 2002
Added picture of Martine from the Pirate Harley Crew

May 4, 2002
Added to airchecks from December, 1990 and Sky Daniels R&R Sampler
Added info on Alice Puente (Staff page)

March 31, 2002
Added a slew of articles provided by Brian Wilson (see History pages 1 & 2)
Added the Pirate Phone List (see STAFF)

February 2, 2002
Added info on Jamie Osborn's current gig & updated info on Brian Shook (Jocks page)
Added info on the Pirate Harley Girls & Steve Denny, updated info on Brian Wilson (Staff page)
Added a picture of Scott Shannon in the Westwood One Culver City Studio
Added a picture of the infamous Pirate Radio Pocket Rocket giveaway, an FM radio fixed on 100.3!
Added more about what Tawn Mastrey was playing in 1992 (Music page)
and noted her phone op was Marteen (Staff page)

January 22, 2002
Added a chat room. Now you can chat with fellow Pirate fanatics!

January 20, 2002
Added update on Greg Stevens (Jocks page) and new info on Chuck aMok (Staff page). Also added blurb on Adam Goodman and a picture of Tawn Mastrey, updated info on Cadillac Jack on the jocks page, added info on Screwball Productions.

January 11, 2002
Added a picture of 1st Birthday Shirt (History Page 3)

December 21, 2001
Added a link to KQLZ.org and the experimental weekend broadcasts. The link can be found on the HISTORY page.

December 16, 2001
Added a picture of a green on black Pirate shirt, some bumpers stickers and a Pirate Xmas card (see History page 3)

December 5, 2001
Added a picture of the 1st birthday shirt (see History, Page 2)

November 29, 2001
Added a picture of a billboard advertisement (see Promos)
Thanks to John Poppolo

November 10, 2001
Added chat room and Instant Messaging
(see History Page)

November 2, 2001
Made KQLZ.net email addresses available.

September 28, 2001
Added some history about the Pirate's playing of a Kiss song a month before the album's release, and Polygram Records' reaction.

September 16, 2001
Added a picture of a Pirate Radio shirt "Less Music By Dead Guys" (History Page 3)

September 3, 2001
Added a picture of the Pirate Radio scarf (Promos page)

August 4, 2001
Added an aircheck played on Pirate Radio USA dedicated to the American men & women in Iraq
Special thanks to David Adams

August 2, 2001
Added two new airchecks (thanks again Dave!)
Added new Behind The Scenes area with initial stories from Randy Kabrich, Jamie Osborn, Thrasher, Jason Rappaport and Steven O. Sellers.

July 10, 2001
Added a DOZEN new airchecks (a BIG thank you Dave!)
Added some pictures sent by Cadillac Jack!

June 21, 2001
Added staff info on Jason Rapp

June 9, 2001
Cadillac Jack sent along some great airchecks--thanks Jack! The first three (of Jack in 1989 & 1990) have been added.

May 18, 2001
Added pictures of a 1989 Pirate Radio music survey (courtesy of Cadillac Jack!)

May 10, 2001
Added two airchecks of Mark Miller from summer 1992
Added picture of a SCREW THE RULES tee shirt (page 3 of the history)

May 3, 2001
Updated info on Tawn Mastrey (Jocks page)
Updated info on Mark Miller

May 1, 2001
Added demo tape of Lonn Friend doing Pirate Radio Saturday Night, a syndicated show from Westwood One

April 14, 2001
Added picture of the late Gary Gears

April 7, 2001
Added info on Michael Kakoyiannis (Staff Page)

March 11, 2001
Updated info on Shadow Steele (Jocks page)

March 6, 2001
Added fascinating info on how the KQLZ call sign came about! See the second page of history.

November 18, 2000
Added two pictures of the lobby and one of the sales office

November 9, 2000
Updated history of Cadillac Jack

November 8, 2000
Added a picture of the Bite Me Hat & studio pictures

November 3, 2000
Added a picture post card & three airchecks of Cadillac Jack.
Thanks to Robert Larson!

October 24, 2000
Added airchecks of Tawn Mastrey, Spring, 1992
and Mark Miller, Summer, 1992.
Added a huge song list provided by Trip.

October 19, 2000
Updated the Jocks page with new info on Gary Poole, Mark Miller, Greg Stevens, Thrasher and Oz Medina. Also updated the 1992 lineup and history page 3. Added a picture of Oz Medina.

October 14, 2000
Added info on the music of 1992, gleaned from an aircheck with Tawn Mastrey on it. Also added the 1992 toll free Pirate phone number (Promo page).

September 17, 2000
Added a link to our streaming audio site. The link is on the bottom of Page 1 of the History page.

September 4, 2000
Added picture of Pirate Radio Rocks pin
(See Promos page)

July 15, 2000
Added four new airchecks

July 14, 2000
Corrected the info on how the Pirate Radio moniker came to be--THANKS Scott Shannon!

June 16, 2000
Updated info on Baltazar

June 4, 2000
Added The Original Pirate Crew picture

May 2, 2000
Added an aircheck of KROQ listeners calling in panick stricken--Pirate Radio had taken over 106.7 on April Fool's Day 1994!

May 1, 2000
Added airchecks of Knarly Charlie
and Francis the Talking Mule
Added numerous updates to profiles on the Jocks and Staff pages
Added info on 1990 MTV Music Awards to the History page
Added info from Jeff Axelrod about the first morning of KQLZ

April 27, 2000
Added airchecks:
Pirate Radio USA syndicated satellite show
Batman Gomez & Baltizar May, 1990
Cadillac Jack 1990 aircheck
Big Watusi & end of a Shannon in the Morning Show

April 19, 2000
Updated info on Whitney Allen

April 18, 2000
Updated info on Baltazar

April 3, 2000
Updated info on Oz Medina

March 31, 2000
Added some Staff info

March 23, 2000
Added some Airchecks:
The First Hour
Two Whitney Allen scoped airchecks
A one of a kind Pirate Radio EBS Test!

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