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A Pirate Radio Bite Me Tank Shirt

A Pirate Radio banner once displayed at a Pirate event in Malibu. The former owner picked it up along with some other swag. It's 26 x 47 1/2 inches and printed on heavy duty paper. The banner is double sided and has a couple of Pirate bumper stickers on the front. A very cool find now owned by this website!

In case you missed our picture of the Pirate Radio Pocket Rock-It radio on the Pictures page... This little gem was given away on the air (and at times by Cadillac Jack when he was out and about and came across someone with a Pirate Radio bumper sticker on their car)! This thing was tuned and fixed on 100.3 so that you could listen to The Pirate everywhere you went!

Entry Form: Win one of three Steamboat Ski Vacations

Pirate Radio logo inside a TicketMaster envelope that contained Rolling Stones tickets (the Stones with GNR opening for them at the L.A. Coliseum in 1989.

Pirate Radio 1st birthday shirt 365 DAZE AND STILL OINKIN!

Pirate Radio tee shirt - I Survived The Big One (October 3, 1992) front view

Pirate Radio tee shirt - I Survived The Big One (October 3, 1992) rear view

Pirate Radio poster once stapled to a telephone pole

The Pirate Radio phone lines:
On Day 5, two new temporary lines were hooked up:
213-520-5100 for L.A. & the Valleys
714-971-5100 for Orange County
Later, So. Cal's first toll free request line was launched!

Along about 1992, the Pirate changed the number to 1-800-755-100.3

"Flush your old station"
Listeners were heard "flushing" stations from all over Southern California

"Top down, drivin' around Southern California,
Pirate Radio"

"Transmitting throughout North America, this is Pirate Radio, KQLZ-FM, Los Angeles"

"Don't be a dick!"

"The Mothership Has Landed"

"No Disco Ducks Allowed"

Camera ready artwork

Pirate Radio Xmas Card front and inside

Pirate Radio Peechee folder

Pirate Radio Harley Girl "Martine" poster

Pirate Radio Bite Me hat

Pirate Radio Black hat w/red & yellow lettering

Pirate Radio Rocks pin

Party Pig keychain

Party Pig pin

Pirate Radio scarf

Pirate Radio bumper sticker
Blue on black

Pirate Radio bumper sticker
Yellow and red on black

Pirate Radio billboard

Pirate Radio USA Fax Promo
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