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The original Pirate DJs 1989, color photo courtesty of Cadillac Jack!

Backstage pass from the 1st Birthday Blowout 2020 photo Mar 18, 1990

A 2020 photo of Kimberly Valenzuela and Suzanne Ansilio (aka Suzy Cruz)

Radio Active Magazine Survey Oct 1, 1992

1 Billboard Magazine Playlist Chart Feb, 1991
2 Billboard Magazine Playlist Chart August, 1990 and November, 1989
3 Billboard Magazine Playlist Chart Dec 15, 1990
4 Billboard Magazine Playlist Chart Feb 23, 1991
5 Billboard Magazine Playlist Chart January, 1991
6 Billboard Magazine Playlist Chart Jan 6, 1990
7 Billboard Magazine Playlist Chart Oct 21, 1989
8 Billboard Magazine Playlist Charts from Aug, 1990
9 Billboard Magazine Playlist Chart Sep 29, 1990 and Nov 10, 1990

Huge cache of pics from Pirate's own Patti Piech!

Karen Rambat's Pirate Harley Girl photo used on her postcard. Visit her on myspace at myspace.com/myboringlife

This is a picture of the collectors edition CD promoting Pirate RAdio USA via satellite to potential affiliates.

In 1996, Warrant released the album Rocking Tall. Jani Lane, lead singer, wearing what else? A Pirate tee shirt! Nice!

Scott Shannon two minutes into the first broadcast!

Scott Shannon promo for potential affiliates

A Scott Shannon promo shot

Pirate Radio is everywhere! Even on the front of buses!

In 1989, the Pirate did a series of listener parties at Gladstone Restaurant in Malibu. Whitney Allen often DJed and you see her and Michael in some of these shots. The others are Pirate staff members.
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Layne Staley of Alice in Chains, showing the spirit!

from the Pirate Harley Crew

Brandy Nappi postcard, Pirate Harley Girl

Brandy standing to the right of Alice Cooper

Brandy (rear and center) with the other Pirate Girls

Brandy (center), another picture with the Pirate Girls

Brandy (left) with another (unidentified) Pirate Girl

Brandy (third from left in front) with Team Pirate

The infamous Pirate Radio Pocket Rock-It, an FM radio fixed on 100.3 FM! These promotional giveaways were given out on the air and sometimes on the road--IF you had a Pirate bumper sticker on your car!

Scott Shannon in the Westwood One Studios in Culver City

Tawn Mastrey while still at KNAC

The Pirate Radio 1st Birthday Shirt

The Pirate Radio Xmas Card 1989

The Pirate Radio Top 50 Survey 1989
an Adobe pdf file

The Pirate Radio Top 20 Survey 1990

The Pirate Radio Top 50 Survey 1989
rear view

The Original Pirate Crew
Back L-R: Shadow Steele, Whitney Allen, Batman Gomez, Scott Shannon
Front L-R: Cadillac Jack, The Big Watusi

A view of Hollywood
from the Pirate Radio Studios

The Sign inside Pirate Radio Studios
Circa 1990

The Pirate Radio Lobby
Circa 1990
Cadillac Jack down the hall

The Pirate Radio Lobby
Circa 1990
From a different angle

The Pirate Sales Office
Circa 1990

Scott Shannon
The man, the myth, the legend.
The creator of Pirate Radio.

Scott Shannon
VP of Programming and Morning DJ

Scott Shannon
caught on tape

Whitney Allen
Midday Jock 1989-1991

Cadillac Jack
Afternoons & evenings 1989-1991

Tawn Mastrey
Evenings 1991-1992
This shot is a picture from 2000

Cyndee Maxwell

Oz Medina
a recent picture of Oz at KBCO

Gary Gears
an early picture of Gary, who did voice overs for the Pirate

Brian Wilson
Production and Promotions

Archer Dusablon & his lovely wife
Production and Promotions

Harold Huto
on the right, at some other station
We're not sure what he did at KQLZ.

Nancy Leichter
Station Manager 1989-1993

Pirate Radio Studios Circa 1990
Robert Larson, brother of Cadillac Jack, hamming it up at the mic

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