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Adam Goodman
Asst Program Director, hired by Scott Shannon.
Came from Z100 in NY and went to WPLJ with Scott. Now CEO and co-founder of The Radio Button

Alice Puente
Was with KIQQ when KQLZ took over
Worked in Promotions Dept until June, 1989
Transferred to Accounting Dept
Left for KRTH 101 in January, 1992

Archer Dusablon
Executive Producer to the Pirate Morning Crew May-Aug, 1989
Hired by Scott Shannon
Came from Portland, OR
Went to WPLJ in NY

Bill Thomas
Part of Scott Shannon's morning crew
Ran background sound effects and the drums

Bob Moore

Brad Lusk
Sales Manager
holdover from KIQQ (1989)

Brandy Nappi
One of the Pirate Harley Girls

Brian Wilson
Creative Director/Morning Show Producer
April 23-November 17, 1989
Hired by Scott Shannon
Came from Y95 in Dallas
Went to KHYI/KODZ in Dallas
Later at ABC Radio Networks/ Jack FM, Dallas Program Director/Imaging

Carey Curelop
KQLZ's second Program Director
Replaced Scott Shannon
Jan, 1991-Jun 1992
came from KLOS Los Angeles
Replaced by Greg Stevens

Chuck aMok
Came from a small country station in Moses Lake, Wash. Did research initially. Later answered phones for Tawn Mastrey part time, and still later for the Music All Morning show. Became Producer for the The Rude Boys show. Did some weekend shows (on-air), overnights and the occasional morning or night shift. Was also Public Service Director. Went on to Rock105 in San Diego for five years. Next was KIIS-FM in L.A. for five years. Then over to Indie 103.1 in L.A. for six years.

Cindee Maxwell
Music Director
Did on-air as well
Came from KLOS
Went to R&R Magazine

Felipe Carranza
Research Dept, Promotions Dept
Hired by Gary Ferroni Greg Stevens
KQLZ's third Program Director
June, 1992 Came from KGMG Rock102
San Diego
Aired the last show on Pirate Radio with GM Bob Moore
Went back to Rock102 as PD after leaving the Pirate in 1993
Later at KQRC in Kansas City

Harold Huto

John Mammoser

John Rio
Voice of Mr. Leonard

Lyle Henry
Chief Engineer, March-July,1989
Was C.E. at KIQQ for 12 years prior

Jamie Osbourn
Production Director Oct, 1989-1993
Imaging Feb, 1991-1993

Jarrod Gilham
Promotions (staff driver)

Later at KNAC.COM

Jason Rapp
Intern, then answered request lines, then hired to be Tawn Mastrey's phone slave

Jay Reznick
Music Assistant

Jeff Axelrod
Morning Show Writer/Researcher Mar, 1990-Feb 1991
Came from KBIG-FM, now at Radio & Records

Kenny Sargent
Promos 1991-1993
Went to KLOS

Kevin Scott
Later at KLSX

Kimberly Valenzuela
Later went to KSWD "The Sound", ironically operating on the former KQLZ frequency of 100.3

Marcia Longo
Music Director Apr, 1991-July, 1992
Also on board at the time: Nancy Leichter, Station Manager
David Howard, Sales Manager
Carey Curelop, Program Director
Rob Tonkin, Promotions Director
Eileen Woodbury, Promotions Asst
Jamie Osborn, Production Director

Mark Driscoll
Voice overs 1989-1993
Went on to become VP/Op of Pyramid Broadcasting

(Do I have her name spelled right?) She had an Australian accent I believe
Doing phones for Tawn Mastrey in 1992

Michael Kakoyiannis
Executive VP

Michele Tafoya
Morning Show Producer

Mike Rawlins
(another one that played "Russell the Love Muscle") 1989

MJ Kelli (Todd Schnitt)
Creative Director Nov, 1989-Feb 14, 1991
Responsible for sweepers, promos, etc.
Came from WNVZ Norfolk and went to WPLJ (NY) with Scott Shannon in 1991
Later part of the top rated morning show in Tampa at WFLZ

Nancy Leichter
General Manager 1989-1993
Came from KMET/KTWV as Local Sales Manager
Went on to KZLA/KLAC as GSM
Later General Sales Manager at KKBT

Patti Piech (pronounced "peach")
Asst Music Director

Pirate Harley Girls
There were six or seven originals, and as many as 15 near the end. They would go out on promotions, two or three at a time, riding custom Pirate Radio Harleys!

Randy Kabrich
Programmed & helped launch the station
Came from WROQ Charlotte
Went to WRBQ Tampa

Raul Moreno
Morning Show Productions & Promotions 5/16/89-6/90
One of many that were "Russell the Love Monkey"
Came from KKBT
Went to KKGO & KMPC; now at KNX

Scott Shannon
AKA Michael Scott Shannon Westwood One VP of Programming 1989-1991
Came from Z100 in NY
Went to WPLJ in NY
Real name: Michael Moore
On air name is a tribute to DJs Tom Shannon & Scott Muni
according to www.ReelRadio.com

Screwball Productions
run by Mark Jonathan Davis and Rob "Iceman" Izenberg did comedy writing for Scott Shannon's Morning Show (dates uncertain)

Simon T
General Manager 1989

on the phones

Steve Denny
Phones op for Jeff Davis

Steve Hoffman
Came from KLOS
Went to KKBB in Bakersfield

Steve Shields

Suzanne Ansilio aka Suzy Cruz

Tim Patterson
Phone op
Ran contests on the phone &
listener research
Mar, 1989-Jan, 1990
Went on to WCKZ

Tom Marshall
KQLZ's fourth (?) Program Director
Also did stints at KNAC and KIOZ

Voice Overs: Gary Gears, Mitch Craig, Vic Caroli, Jerry Clifton, Jim Duncan (Jim did just one, "The Mothership Has Landed", which happens to be one of our favorites!)

The Pirate phone list, dated August 7, 1989

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